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Gerhard Neef
Technical Manager

Mr Neef is retired from the German Police Aviation Wing where he was Vice-Technical Director. With 40 years of experience in Helicopter Maintenance, he’s an accomplished flyer and flight engineer. He acts as nominated postholder for our start-up customers.

Nicholas Donnellan
Operations Manager

Capt. Donnellan has accumulated 34 years of operating helicopters. His previous assignments as Chief Pilot in UK, South-East Asia and the Middle-East have given him a broad range of experience both in hot and high and cold and wet environments. He is dual rated EASA / FAA.

Alwin Vollmer
Training Manager

Capt. Vollmer’s expertise covers all aspects of helicopter missions including pilot training. He is an EASA ATPLH MCC TRI TRE IRI NVG Instructor current on 4 different platforms.

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